1. The Secret Garden is such a great book. I was just glancing at it sitting on my shelf the other day. I have not read it in years and my kids are still a little young for it but I think I may just read it myself again soon.

  2. I’ve wanted to read Mornings on Horseback. You’ve reminded me to add it to my list. Congrats on finishing A Tale of Two Cities! I listened to it on audiotape a few years back. Aw, I love the Secret Garden. Have fun reading together.

  3. My library-shelver friend has been on me to read Hunger Games for forever now–but then she scares me off by telling me that the wait list at the library is currently over a hundred names long.

    For now, I think it’s going on my TBR list, but staying at the bottom. I *hate* waiting for books at the library (and I’m way too cheap to just buy them!)

  4. I love The Secret Garden and couldn’t believe I had missed out on it as a child! Needless to say, my kids have already been introduced.

  5. Love The Hunger Games also. Didn’t know when the third was coming out, now I do. Thanks for sharing that bit of info.

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