1. I’m familiar with Socks and Oscar. Great stories, even for a non-cat person!

    I’m not a real formal 5-in-a-rower either. I agree that the books are great, and the general concept is a great springboard for exploration.

  2. We just read Papa Piccolo again just for fun. Such a good book. I’ll have to snag a copy of Socks for the girls, too. I don’t think I’ve ever read that one!

  3. Love James Harriot. I own All Creatures Great and Small and have read it multiple times. I did not know he had written children’s books, though!

    Another fun cat book my kids enjoy despite its simplicity is “There are cats in this book.” It reads kind of like The Monster At The End Of This Book.

  4. Well, you’ve one upped me on Harriot. I haven’t read anything by him either! In fact, I’m pretty sure the first time I do, I’ll be reading aloud to the Bookworms.

    I’m not staying on top of ANYthing it feels like these days. Just trying to get ready to have a lot of fun in May but that means working a lot to get ready in April!

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