1. Thanks so much for sharing these titles, Amy. It’s funny, we have some Easter traditions to count down and keep the focus in the right place, but aside from the Bible story we don’t have any real traditions for read-alouds.

  2. I like the idea of splitting the reads into Bunny/Eggs one week and “true spirit of Easter” the next week. We are focusing on Passover this week though, so it doesn’t quite work. I was looking at Rechenka’s Eggs on Amazon – I come from Belarus, so I like to read Eastern European tales. Maybe next year 🙂

  3. Ok! Now I really want Brett’s new Easter Egg book!

    How did this time get away from me? Seriously, the Easter season is slipping away so fast and I haven’t gotten my act together. I want this to be a season of celebration and if it’s going to be that, I’m going to need to plan a little better for it! One of the things I need to do is hunt for our Country Bunny book because I’m SURE that one exists on our shelves.

    I’ve got some Easter books in a stack and I”ll make that my RAT post for next week! In the meantime, well, you’ve seen this week.

    Thanks for hosting, as always. 😉

  4. I wish that tour swung by a little closer to us. We previewed Jan Brett’s book at the library a few weeks ago and it really is amazing! Fingers crossed here that the Easter Bunny will deliver a copy to our home for Easter. I haven’t managed to get around to posting our Easter book picks yet…hopefully next week.

  5. I’ll have to check out some of those titles – I don’t think we’ve read any of them except for the new Jan Brett one. We have done very little “story book” reading of late, but did manage to finish The Bobbsey Twins yesterday. Maybe our trip to the library tomorrow will show us some new gems to bring home.

  6. We do both too, and I think it’s easy enough to understand the true meaning. I saw the Country Bunny at the bookstore last week and fell in love with the illustrations! I almost bought it, but think it is a little beyond my three year old’s attention span. Maybe a good one for us next year!

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