1. Thanks for passing on this wealth of wisdom. It’s interesting that Gretchen has so many Christian values expressed in quotes and references, at least on her sidebar.

    I think blogging–and writing generally– is really important for many of us who like to think about things, as it helps us to figure out what we think, and connects us to others of the same sort, so that we can have a conversation. This is very satisfying, and definitely energizing for our other kinds of work.

    In your case blogging ends up being a kindness to others who benefit from your labors!

    • hopeistheword

      Thanks for the lovely compliment, GretchenJoanna! That’s the second nice thing someone has said or done for me today, and I really needed it today. I appreciate it!

  2. This sounds really good, Amy. I didn’t realize “project books” were an official genre, but several titles occur to me as examples.

    Isn’t it weird how being trained in an area makes you more hesitant to reveal it? I struggle with that too.

  3. What an awesome review! Of course, I’d heard of this book but I feel like I know it better now. Appreciate everything you shared about it.

    And yes, I can sometimes feel guilty for how much I blog/read/thinking about blogging and/or reading but, as you pointed out, I’m a SAHM and I need something to engage my brain apart from diapers, food and rounds of laundry. It’s something my husband supports and it’s something that truly makes me happy AND content to focus on my family as well. It just does something for me. =) I blog on.

    Now I’m about to e-mail you a question I’ve been thinking about.

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