1. Renee

    I had not read any Trixie Belden books as a kid. I am getting together my next months books for this challenge and I’ll try and find some TB books from the library. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. This is an awesome post and I’m so looking forward to getting around the Trixie again. I feel like I’m working my way, ever so slowly, saving the best for last. I loved Trixie for all the same reasons as yourself. I’m not sure I could pick up where I left off so I’ll likely start with the first book again but I’m glad to get to it.

    Thanks for participating. Loved hearing yoru thoughts on this and HOW COOL to have a copy with your cousin’s signature inside. All of mine have my old signature from when I collected them in the first place. Whenever I’m tempted to think my handwriting is worse than it’s ever been, I just open up one of my old books….

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