1. I read and reread Caddie as a child too. I remember that episode you describe! I also think of turkey…

    I’ve seen Ginger Pye but didn’t know what it was about. Might have to investigate that one.

    Around here the airwaves are full of By the Shores of Silver Lake and Black Beauty.

  2. Well I am SO GLAD You posted today because I have been curious about every single one of these titles and was glad to see them pop up here!

    I picked up a copy of Ginger Pye and haven’t read it yet. Now that I know it’s a mystery, WELL…..! AWESOME! I’ll get right to it!

    Thanks so much!

  3. Oh, I just left this as a comment on another KP post, but have you heard the audio recordings of the Clementine books? They are so hilarious that I’d be cracking up listening to them in the mornings while the kids eat breakfast and I pack my son’s school bag. So much fun!

    And, I have to agree with your assessment of How I Became a Pirate- we LOVE that book! (And the follow-up one too, Pirates Don’t Change Diapers.) I’ve never heard the audio version, but I adore reading that one aloud- so much fun to be had with your voice!

    • hopeistheword

      Oh, yes–Clementine! We just got back from the library, and guess what the girls picked–Clementine! She IS funny. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have a post or two about her here. 🙂

  4. Angie

    Do you check out most of your audiobooks from the library or do you buy them? My girls love them. We have listened to almost every Beverly Cleary book as a family now and my older daughters is almost done with the Little House books. We have checked all those out from the library. I’d love to know the best source for buying them inexpensively if they are ones we’ll listen to again and again.

    • hopeistheword

      We mostly check ours out, ‘though we do have a modest collection of mostly Laura Ingalls Wilder titles. Almost all of these were Christmas gifts, etc. I know that PaperbackSwap (link in my sidebar) also has audiobooks, but I haven’t browsed over there in a while. I’ve also gotten a free one at Audible a while back; if you use them a lot, a subscription there might be worth your while. I’m pretty sure there are some free websites, too, ‘though I haven’t really explored that avenue either.

      • Angie

        Thanks for your feedback. I just checked out the Wilder audiobooks on Amazon and was surprised at how inexpensive they were ($10-12). For some reason, I thought they would be more. I think we’ll slowly begin building our own collection of these.

  5. Oh, I think you are just the person I needed to talk to! How old were your children when you listened to these books? We zipped through Little House, and we really need additional chapter books we can get on audio from the library. We recently listened to The Moffats…enjoyed, but want to wait another couple years before Rufus M. Will look into Ginger Pye since it’s about a dog though.

    I would love a lengthy list of books you can recommend, in addition to those above, if you are up to it. My daughter is 4 1/2.

    • Amy

      Annette, Most of our chapter book read-alouds have been documented here, on my blog, in various posts. I usually recommend the My Father’s Dragon series as a good place to begin. I’ll try to come up with a list, though–that sounds like a great idea for a blog post! 🙂

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