1. What an AWESOME IDEA to wrap up the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN oh MAN I wish you had told me about that idea earlier! Next year I am SO doing that! SO doing that. That is just awesome, awesome, awesome! Shoot! Well….that’s really, really cool.

    I’m glad you are talking about Christmas books. It’s leading me in my discussions as well. Here are the books we’ve been spending time with:


  2. We love Christmas time and love reading Christmas books. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to share what is going on in our home with everyone.


  3. Oh, I missed Read-Aloud Thursday again. [sigh] The holidays really throw off my timing.

    I like your snowy blog, and I love the idea of wrapping Christmas books to be unwrapped and read throughout the season. The first one sounds interesting, and I’ve been a fan of Three Trees for years. Thanks for the great ideas!

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