1. Angie

    My favorite new discovery this Thanksgiving is Stories of the Pilgrims by Margaret Pumphrey (1912). It is a fictionalized account of the pilgrims from their persecution in England to their time in Holland and finally to Plymouth.

    It’s a chapter book (244 pages but with large type, wide margins and some illustrations). I have a sore throat now so we aren’t going to finish it by Thanksgiving and we’re stuck in Holland right now; therefore I can’t vouch for the entire book. So far, it’s a great read and my 5-year old is enjoying it. My 3-year old isn’t, but maybe next year. The text of the book is available online at The Baldwin Project.

    I’m also looking forward to “Milly and the Macy’s Parade,” a picture book that is inspired by the true story of how the Macy’s Parade originated. I’m hoping to read this a few times before we watch the parade!

    Thanks for your great suggestions as well.

  2. Wow, you found a lot of great sounding books! A lot! Hmmmm (mind is whirling).

    I actually DID just watch An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving (the movie) as a follow up to the book and my review of that was posted over at 5 Minutes for Books. Here is the link:


    Lastly, I linked up on Mr. Linky but put it in as Reading to Know, whereas it is actually Reading My Library. Not that it makes a big hoot of a difference but whatever. =D


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