1. I’ve seen Tumtum and Nutmeg at the library, but the book is so thick, and my arms have been so full already, that I haven’t picked it up. (Lame, lame…) You certainly raise my interest.

    Ever heard of ‘The Attic Mice’? I picked it up at the library this week (what can I say, it’s thinner) and Older Daughter likes it, but Younger Daughter hasn’t been captured yet.

    My post this week is endless, but image-intensive. 🙂 We had lots of good books to talk about, encompassing horses, history, badgers, poetry, aquariums, and Beatrix Potter. Something for everyone…

  2. Mine is up! (I almost forgot!) 🙂 We finished Gooseberry Park by Cynthia Rylant this week, too (not very impressed with that one), and we are going to start The Borrowers today. Now that one I’m excited to read. 🙂

  3. I found your weekly linky from Lead, Guide and Walk and linking my own WMCIR Saturday round-up. I am always on a lookout for good books to read, hopefully we can increase participation by linking our carnivals.

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