1. I’ve never focused our reading that much around any holiday but Christmas, though I always realize too late that I should. I appreciate these suggestions!

    I’m familiar with the books the Correspondent recommends, and my eldest has really enjoyed them too. We’ve read some others from the library recently related to the pilgrims in general, but the only Thanksgiving one permanently on our shelves is Ann McGovern’s ‘The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving,’ a relic of my own childhood.

    • hopeistheword

      Somehow I’ve missed Ann McGovern’s book. (Is it the same Ann McGovern who is or was the governor of Texas? I’m woefully behind on politics, and I may have the name wrong, but it rings a bell.)

  2. Squanto is on my list to buy as well (and the hardback of that one is on sale for $4.00 at Amazon right now!) I have P is for Pilgrim and we love it. I also blogged a book we’ve been reading today and I’ll link it up (hoping that you will forgive me because I forgot my read-aloud Thursday graphic!) 🙂

    PS. We finished Tumtum and Nutmeg on Tuesday this week! N1 asked if we could turn around and start over again so I consider that book a HUGE success with her! 🙂

    • hopeistheword

      I have my shopping cart almost ready to click “buy” at Amazon! 🙂 I’m just waiting to see what else is suggested here and to make up my mind about some easy, easy readers for Lulu. (The Nora Gaydos books–have you used them?)

      Tumtum and Nutmeg–oh my goodness! My girls LOVED it!!! I can’t wait to share next week. I’ll admit I was taken by surprise by the last little bit of the last story, though. . . 😉

  3. I’m back this week! And I DO have a tiny stack of Thanksgiving books that I was going to post on soon. One thing I discovered last year was that everyone in town goes and raids the library for their holiday books and I never found a single title for us to read. So this year I started our home collection for Thanksgiving and I’m adding to our stuff on Christmas. P is for Pilgrim is a good one. And then we picked up a copy of The Pilgrim’s FIrst Thanksgiving (mentioned above) which is a scholastic book.


    And just in case Mr. Linky wasn’t working (I’m dazed and confused) here is the link to my post:


  4. I requested a bunch of Thanksgiving books early this year so we would actually have some good ones to read this year. I really should start buying a few too so we can have our own collection of Thanksgiving books.

  5. I have written a post on my early literacy blog, togethertime4families, about Thanksgiving books for young children. They are arranged into categories of historical, thankfulness and general topics.

    Reading these books before the holiday gives children time to think and learn more about the upcoming day. Reading provides background information letting children know what to expect. As a result, I believe they are more inclined to be involved, understand and appreciate the holiday /celebration.

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