1. This sounds interesting. Why were you surprised at the YA designation? Did it seem older, or younger? (Just wondering if it has potential as a read-aloud when we reach this period of history…?)

    • hopeistheword

      I really meant to go back and revise this review a little, Janet, but I didn’t have time before it was published. It is a YA novel in that the protagonist is a teen and it IS a coming of age story. There is even a little romance, very sweetly presented, with the promise of a marriage several years in the future. However, it completely lacks the darkness/angst that marks much of YA literature, perhaps because it is set in a different century from ours. Mattie prays to God and faith is presented very positively. I would not hesitate to read this one to a pre-teen or a mid- to upper-elementary aged student. I would categorize this one as a work of historical fiction first, YA second.

      • hopeistheword

        I should point out, too, that several people die in this story (duh!), so beware if you deal with such sensitivities.

  2. This looks like a book I would enjoy. I haven’t read a historical fiction lately. Looks like I’m adding another book to the TBR list. Thanks, I think.

  3. That book sounds rather cool and interesting! Thanks again for the link up and I love hearing about YOUR challenge. (I just re-read your original challenge and saw Steady Eddie’s comment. Chuckling away…)

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