1. I think I might have seen The Sum of Our Parts: No Bones About It somewhere and I have the same impression you had.

    It’s interesting how many eBooks are becoming available. This is part good and bad. Some books have a nice tactile property that is part of the enjoyment, and kids illustrated books will be hard to top. As readers and screens get better, though, won’t it be nice not to have to lug 5 big books back and forth? (My kids are in a parochial school and sometimes the homework is backbreaking!). Ebooks are a little cheaper, too, and for your math or science, or subjects that change a lot, ebooks are very sensible.

    • hopeistheword


      Although I read from the computer screen a lot (too much!), I much prefer to read from the printed page. However, for the generations behind me, reading from the screen will be as normal to them as reading from a page (maybe even moreso), so can see the efficacy of e-books, etc.

      I’ll always prefer the printed form, though. 🙂

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