1. My daughters could make lists of things to do with egg cartons! They whisk them away so fast, I never get a chance to think of something myself… Most recently they’ve been handy stackable stables for the innumerable tiny clay animals my eldest makes.

    Keep up the good work! It’s great that you’re finding a rhythm with both daughters. The logistical side of things can be a challenge.

    • hopeistheword

      Even better–the children come up with their own activities! 🙂 I know my girls will get there one day. . . (Lulu is already pretty adept at using up leftover pieces of paper.)

  2. I love taking otherwise garbage and turning it into a craft or learning tool. 🙂 Smart thinking!
    Some people use egg cartons for grouping. Give her a ton of buttons and have her sort them. She can decide criteria (number of holes, size, color, texture, whatever).
    Can you believe that in China we don’t have egg cartons? Nope. We put the eggs right into a plastic bag, weight them, and take them home. So sad. No fun cartons for crafts.

  3. You can start addition or subtraction. Since you already have the holes numbered, use the egg carton like a number line. 3 buttons plus 7 buttons is how many buttons? Or, how many buttons would we have left if we started with ten and gave seven of them away?

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