1. Yup, I had the same concerns as you did, apparently but they are dwarfed in light of the sheer BEAUTY of this AMAZING BOOK! =D

    And I did not even connect it to Anne. I’m way impressed.

    I’m also smiling because you like WW2 history as well.

    Why don’t you move closer?!

  2. I’ve read so many reviews of this book, and none of them draw a comparison with Anne. Very interesting…

    I really should read this. Your review almost pushes me over the edge. The title is what’s put me off, too –long, and cutesy.

    • hopeistheword

      Oh, read it, Janet! I agree completely about the title–it’s unfortunate, really, but it does capture the spirit of the “society.”

      I did not do the comparison justice, I’m afraid. I was thinking about that earlier, and how I should’ve pointed out so many other similarities (and differences!). Oh, well. Maybe it will encourage someone to read this fine book anyway! 😉

  3. I finally got around to looking this one up at my library and I’m ninth in line. Thanks for a good review that makes me look forward to reading it even more. I’m happy to know there are several of you who like WWII history and literature too.

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