1. Looking good! My girls love ‘The Hello Goodbye Window’ too.

    We’re reading a children’s bio of Helen Keller right now. My oldest is doing a lot of her own independent reading. My youngest’s favorite this week is ‘The Simple Prince’ (Jane Yolen).

  2. HA! Below was one of the books WE picked up from the library last week (that I did NOT blog about) because I wasn’t sure how to describe it! It is a cool concept book and my son rather liked it. He didn’t request a reread but one time around was fun. It’s a really different sort of book.

    Mine is up. Sylvan Dell had some new animal books we had to take a look into (and they are giving some away as well):


    • hopeistheword

      Yeah, I thought it was a hard one to describe, too. I don’t know that I did it justice, but I tried. 🙂

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