1. I have read all the Narnia books and read of Lewis’s other books as well. I always loved Lucy because some of her reminded me of myself when I was young.

    I was thrilled when the made movies of Narnia because I knew it would open a door to new readers that may not have had the chance to step into the world of Narnia before.

  2. One of my favorite Narnia resources is the Focus on the Family Radio Dramas. We got the entire cd set (all the Narnia books) for less than $15.00. These have a full cast of characters, music, and sound effects. My children listen to them during quiet time and love the stories.

  3. We have the same set with the white covers (was hubby’s)…of course, ours is falling apart due to our 5-year-old daughter toting the books around and “reading” them to herself. I found a great deal on the complete audio book set ($25!) and gave it to hubby for Father’s Day. Every time we get into the car, our daughter wants to listen to Narnia.

  4. I have that same box set (in white) that you mentioned. The pages are falling out of several of the books and I know I’m going to have to replace before my girls read them. When T & I got married, he had not read the Narnia books as of yet, so we read them to each other over the honeymoon – actually I read them while he drove. We drove from TN out to Yellowstone Nat’l Park and over the course of the trip made it through the first three books. It was a LOT of driving. 🙂

  5. Hi Amy!
    I’m a fellow crewmate! I love Narnia and was introduced to the stories when I was a young adult in the 80’s! It was funny my brother loved them and I had no interest in them until I listened to the album you are referring to! I had that album on cassette and played it until I wore it out. I finally threw it out. I could not remember the name of it and searched the internet in hopes of finding it. I found it a couple of years ago and bought a copy for myself and my brother. It is called The Roar of Love: A Musical Journey into The Wonder of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. You can find it at Amazon. Here is the link:http://tiny.cc/dc2qJ It is an excellent cd!

    I have the Narnia set that I bought way back when, it is while like you described. I am going to be reading it to my boys soon. I am planning on buying my neice the boxed set for Christmas this year, she loves to read and I know she will love these stories!


  6. I have the same set in white! In fact, I had a hardback set that I traded in when I found a nice paperback white set. It’s what is familiar and I love it! =D

    That album/song you are talking about sounds fantastic!!! I wonder what it is!!? If you discover it, do let me know!

  7. Carol

    I love Narnia. Actually first read them when I was pregnant with my first. 24 years ago.
    and then read one of those “how to read Narnia’ type books.
    Introduced my olders to them, and now my youngers.
    Awesome stuff.

  8. hopeistheword

    Wow! Thanks for all the stories! And thanks to Carrie and Michele for solving the mystery for me! I’d love to get this and share it with my girls. 🙂

  9. Fellow Crew Member here. 🙂
    I LOVE Narnia! My sister loved them when we were younger and I had *absolutely* no interest in them. It wasn’t until a friend of my family bought the first several copies for my daughter’s birthday that I fell in love with them, as did my daughter (who the heck can read Narnia and NOT fall in love?).
    My kiddo would absolutely love anything Narnia-related, so I’ll be stopping back by on Friday! 🙂

  10. Wonderful post!

    My first recollection of Narnia is my sister reading the series. It was more her thing. I never opened one Narnia book until my older girls were about 2nd and 4th grade when they read The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe for school.

    I am a sorry case as I have joined this challenge and have not read a book yet. Ugh…my plan is too read this week.
    My 9 year old daughter is reading the series. I hope she gains the same love as you have for Narnia.

  11. We listened to the Focus on the Family Radio Theater version as well and would highly recommend them. My favorite as an adukt is The Silver Chair. I remember being brought to tears several times, which my children didn’t understand. I think it’s a series that needs to be re-read as an adult and you get so much more of the depth of it. Love the series!

  12. Carol

    back again. for day 2.
    My one son has read the whole set at least 2 or 3 times.
    I am stuck in the middle of the series for my 11yos and 5yo however.
    started in the middle for Prince Caspian, (my rule being i would prefer them to read the book before they saw the movie, for any movie).
    and so we had to start there and work our way up to it and got stuck at The Horse and His Boy.

    this is fun. I am glad you want daily comments …i keep thinking of more.

  13. DougR

    Very neat! I read these back in elementary school and have been working back through them recently. I just finished The Horse and His Boy. My favorite so far is probably the Silver Chair. My Dad used to read the first book to us, because it is an easy quick read. It just begs to be read out loud.

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