1. Fun!

    This is timely, because I noticed that our library has a bunch of the Cynthia Rylant books on tape (and our car had tape and CD). I thought that they would be good for our car trip — something the 5 year old would enjoy — so I’m going to definitely check some of them out.

    I also got a book and CD cheaply on amazon that I will be bringing for him.

  2. We tried audio books one time but I do’nt think he’s quite old enough to really “get it.” But I’m kinda looking forward to them. =) We use our computer for DVDs and he DOES have knowledge of it and now we’re constantly having to say, “Don’t touch the computer!”

  3. Amy, I’m embarrassed that I did my devil’s advocate audiobooks post the same day you posted this! Uggh. I knew you were enjoying audiob’s from your ‘Mr Popper’s Penguins’ post, but I was late in seeing this one.

    I do think audio-b’s have some great pluses, not least the way they immerse kids in spoken language. I know my daughters’ verbal expressiveness and vocabulary have benefited from the way our audio-b habit has augmented my own reading aloud to them.

    It’s that multitasking-listening thing that has started to develop in our house that concerns me these days — not really a problem with audio-b’s, but with the role I’ve allowed them to play.

    I’m over here looking for Read-Aloud Thursday…

  4. hopeistheword

    Janet–no problem, of course! I love being able to see and converse about both sides of an issue. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Read Aloud Thursday is coming right up! : )

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