1. I read, and loved, this a couple years ago. It is a quick read, like you said. I remember a couple of the characters she meets, but not their names. Especially that one guy who helps her out on her way. That bus trip was fun.

    I met Ellsworth at the Midwest Booksellers Association meeting a couple years ago, too, where she received an award from the association, which emphasizes books by Midwest authors and they are voted on by members of the association. She was a good choice.

  2. *gulp* I haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird either. You’d think, huh? Well, you are catching me in all sorts of reading crimes this week!

  3. hopeistheword


    Now that’s just something I CAN’T let you get away with! Drop what you’re reading NOW and read it! You won’t be sorry!! 🙂

  4. hopeistheword


    How neat that you got to meet Ellsworth. I liked the book a lot, and as a resident of the South, I thought it was a kind treatment of the South which is often not present in literature.

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