1. Oh, I love when the experts do all the hard work for us and put the good stuff all in one place. 🙂 I’ll definitely have to check this one out as well! Thanks for the great tip.

  2. As I had reported, Kyle was really stuck on the anthology that we mentioned, so I think that I’ll check this one out too.

    I really love to read poetry aloud at bedtime, because we can spend as much time as we want (or just read two poems and kiss goodnight).

  3. I can see my son totally going for the Frog and the Flea poem here in the not-too-distant future. So far he seems to be taking after his mother. If something is TOO rhyme-y, he looses interest. Just enough to make it sing-songish seems to be where we’re at. (Like my use of cool-ish words in this comment? Sheesh.)

  4. That’s really a lovely memory — your mother reading that poem to you.

    Thanks for the intro to both of these great-looking collections.

  5. mountainsofbooks

    Oh…I love the “Singing-Time” poem! This sounds like a great introduction to poetry and I havent’ heard of some of these poets. I’ll have to check it out.


  6. As a child, I enjoyed reading poetry. There was something musical about reading a story in rhythm and rhyme. It was melodic, soothing and fun. Poetry inspired me to read; and it inspired me to write. I invite you to read my first book, released April 1, 2009. It is called The Angry Thunderstorm. It is a charming story about an angry storm and a frightened child. When the storm explains the need for his raucous roar and his flashes of light, the reader is taken on a journey from uncertainty to understanding.

  7. I used to read “Merry Sunshine” to my sister when she was young and tried for years to find it. I discovered it as part of the google project and found it is older than the version you have. It was written by Emilie Poulsson and was used by LUCY LANGDON WILLIAMS WILSON, Ph.D. in her textbook “Nature Study in Elementary Schools: First Reader.” I thought it was fascinating that she advocated teaching nature through poetry. Go Dr. Wilson!

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