1. I also mentioned the Penderwicks! I’m glad to know that there are more. I enjoyed the second one as well, but it didn’t have the old-fashioned sense of adventure that the first one did, and the subject line is a little more mature (not too old, but more 10 and up, whereas I think that the first one can appeal to all ages).

    I also bought this book with cold hard cash (both of them). I bought a paperback of the first one, but I wished I had gotten a hardcover (and will probably replace it eventually).

  2. Great pick! My only trouble with this book is that it set our oldest to begging for a baby sister — LOL 😀

    ~Michelle @

    In The Life of a Child

  3. Isn’t it such a good book??? I’ve read both the books, and the 2nd one is just as good. 🙂 (And they are GREAT books for sisters – I totally agree with you.)

  4. What age would you recommend these 2 penderwick books suitable for? Just asking as I have the requisite girls in my family – 3 of them, the oldest is 6 , she definitely has the younger sisters, but I haven’t read the book so am not sure if the material is suitable for her yet? Thanks for reviewing this.

  5. Nina

    I love the Pendericks trilogy!!!! There is three of them! And i want to know when the fourth and fifth books are coming out cuz i love the series its amazing and i wish i thought of all the ideas Jeanne Birdsall did.. THANKS!!! i am addicted i have read them over and over and over again and never get bored!!!

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