1. Hadn’t heard of The Underneath. I like the cover art though and if it’s to read with Sherry @ Semicolon I’ve no doubt of its goodness.

  2. sjbraun

    I’m impressed that you’re attempting Les Mis … LOVE all the kids’ books, too. Can you finish Charlotte’s Web without crying? I never can. Thanks for sharing!

  3. krazzymommy

    I love visiting your blog. I’m trying to blog more about my reading…sometimes the actual “writing” is what holds me up – so much to say, such a lack of eloquence! (I’m hoping that comes the more I read!)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I like reading whatever, whenever, too. My church started a book club in the fall, but it appears to have fizzled, and I’m glad to have even that one small obligatory read crossed off the list for each month. Reading is one of the few recreational pursuits available to me in this phase of life, and I like keeping it free.

    Interesting list. I think 4 books a month is pretty good!

  5. kipi

    Congrats on your perseverance through Les Mis! I did the self-abridging thing, too. I did read the last couple of pages of the Waterloo section and most of convent one, but I completely skipped the Parisian sewer chapter. I did enjoy the book, though!

  6. Shelly

    We LOVED “The Penderwicks” here, and as Stephanie mentioned, there is a sequel that was published within the last year. Enjoy those! I love your blog – it is interesting to see what other people are reading on their own and aloud to their kids. I especially enjoy reading longer chapter books to my young children. It’s a good experience for us all, and a great way for me to read some of the classics I have not previously read.

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