1. YAY! ANd I skimmed Waterloo (pretty much skipped it) and didn’t miss anything (that I know of). =) I also skipped the part about the sewers in Paris. I just didn’t care enough.

    THrilled that you are still enjoying it – that’s the most important thing!

  2. I peeked over here from your nightstand post. I read the unabridged version — was it last year? I got bogged down, too, in Waterloo, in the history of the convents, in the sewers. I think Hugo must have been an innately curious man to whom all these side roads were very interesting — but they don’t make for good flow in a novel! I had set myself a goal to make it through the unabridged at least once, but if I read it again it will be the abridged or I’ll give myself permission to skip some sections.

    Aside from those kinds of sections, Hugo was such a master at comedic, suspenseful, and emotional writing. The scene where he comes back to the empty house after Cossette is married is just heart-rending. I don’t know if I have shared my review with you before, but if you’d like to see it, it is here:

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