1. kathy g.

    How about if she worries about whether historical fiction is still a popular genre for young people who seem to have jumped on the fantasy bandwagon. I loved this book, but as a 40-year-old I may have a different perspective than the average fifth grader.

  2. I like to ask writers about their process… how their stories develop, whether they have a particular work space, what their disciplines as a writer are, things like that.

    I’ve not read this; I was waiting till my kids are just a little older. But I’ll check it out more closely next time we go to the library.

  3. hopeistheword

    Thanks, Kathy and Janet! I had already completed and sent my interview before either of you commented, but I will certainly keep your suggestions in mind for my next interview! ; )

    Janet–I did not do this one as a read-aloud. I just enjoyed it all by myself! : )

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