1. Another week and I haven’t had the time to post a read-aloud Thursday! Next week, I’m sure of it! This week my three year old son kept asking for the same books. He didn’t come with me to the library so it’s books from his collection:

    Wibbly Pig’s Silly Big Bear by Mick Inkpen – Elliot adores the Kipper books, but he quite likes this one as well!

    Ruby Flew Too by Jonathan Emmet – bought because the illustrations are lovely but he likes it just as much! (he likes to shout out the bit where ‘RUBY FLEW TOO’)

    My First Toy Catalogue by Jane Kemp and Clare Walters – actually bought for my youngest (10 month old) son, but my oldest loves the pictures of cars and trains.

    Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae – my older son’s FAVOURITE book at the moment. He’s always asking for the giraffe book. He likes the names of the different dances mentioned in the book, particularly the ‘cha-cha’. The rhymn makes it a perfect book to read aloud.

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