1. TaraTheLiberator

    Our favorite read-aloud from 2008 was Kenny and the Dragon, by Tony DiTerlizzi, the author of the Spiderwick books. It’s a retelling of Kenneth Grahame’s The Reluctant Dragon starring Kenny, a rabbit, and Grahame, the dragon. The kids were excited to find that, at the end of the story, Kenny decides to read The Reluctant Dragon to Grahame. They were even more excited to find that the author of TRD was the inspiration for the names of the characters in KatD. We listened to a Librivox recording of TRD, and the kids told me they liked it every bit as much as KatD.

    On our plate for this year are, among other things, The Moffats, The Saturdays, The Book of Dragons, Magic by the Lake, and the one I am looking forward to most of all, which will be our summer project, The Hobbit.

  2. Hi! Saw your post on WTM, so I thought I’d join in–maybe blogging about our RA’s will get me back into blogging in general!
    We are going to read some of the Scheheredzad (spelling?) stories, particularly Sinbad and Ali Baba, and continue with our trek thru English Fairy Tales!
    There’s a great thread on WTM about reading aloud, and some great choices!
    Chris in VA

  3. hopeistheword

    TaraTheLiberator–Thank you so much for commenting! I haven’t looked at The Moffats since I was a girl, so I don’t remember–is it something I could read to my preschoolers? I’m always on the lookout for something they could sit through.

    Oh, the joy of reading one of your favorite books to your children! I can’t wait ’til mine are old enough to sit through some of my personal favorites.

    Jen and Chris in Va–I left comments on your blogs!

    I’m so glad you ladies commented!

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