1. Hear, hear from another devoted Wendell Berry fan. I just bought his newest book: a children’s book called Whitefoot. I loved reading it to my grandson.

    The movie of Cry the Beloved Country is very well done. It is not a disappointment after having read the book, which is about the best praise you can give the movie version of a great book.

    The Book Thief is on my list. It was available at my library on Monday, but I didn’t get in to get it until Wednesday and someone else had snagged it.

    And, finally….what Hope said! Ditto.

  2. Interesting list – I’ve got The Book Thief on my TBR list. I’ve had pretty much the same experience this year. Hadn’t read much at all in the last few years, so the 40-some-odd books I read in 2008 was a vast improvement, although I’m hoping to do better this year.

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