1. That sounds like a great Christmas story! I’ll have to check the library for it.

    I’m reading Jotham’s Journey aloud for Advent…we’ve never read it before, but are all loving it! Lots of cliff-hangers and it is hard not to read ahead. We’re at the part where Jotham meets Ishtar and saw a kite for the first time.

    I’m also reading Understood Betsy. I read it aloud years ago, and my girls (14 & 12) have read it many times to themselves. Now my boys (8, 6 & 3) are getting to hear it! Betsy just spent her first morning on Putney farm and helped make butter.

    My dh is reading The Fellowship of the Ring aloud. We’re all enjoying it, especially me! I’m constantly comparing it to what happened in the movie but our children are just able to enjoy the story. The 4 hobbits just arrived at Crickhollow…I plan on memorizing the bath song. 🙂

    We’ll probably still be reading these 3 books next week…
    Lee (from the WTM board)

  2. I posted a link to last week’s review of three books we read. Shhhh, don’t tell, but we’re still finishing Mary Jane: Her Book. The review was due before we were ready.

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