1. I read Jayber Crow several months ago and was just amazed at, as you said, Berry’s genius. I need to go back and read more Berry. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. As one who has read most of Berry’s books (and I did review Hannah Coulter, thanks for bring back the memories and the smiles through reading your snippets from the book. Berry is a masterful storyteller.

  3. I think Hannah Coulter is one of my favorite books of all time. Nathan Coulter is not the same warm and comfortable reading, but it gives the other side of Hannah’s story.

    I highly recommend you get That Distant Land, a collection of Berry short stories. You will get a sense of Port William as a whole; the back stories will enhance all the other Wendell Berry fiction. This is the book I’m getting for my brother and SIL for Christmas. They’ve read Jayber and Hannah also.

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