1. Jayber Crow is one of my favorites. Wendell Berry is able to express such a deep and profound sadness, a longing and a sorrow for what I never knew I lost. And he does this without falling into sappy sentimentalism.

    I loved this book so much and was so moved by the story that I didn’t even notice that Berry based Jayber Crow on Dante’s Divine Comedy. Pretty cool, huh? Guess it’s time for a second read!

  2. Amy,

    I usually just lurk but I had to comment on Jayber Crow. It’s probably my favorite novel written in the last 50 years.

    Don’t feel too bad about missing the Dante reference. I’m an English teacher too and it flew right past me. I learned about the Dante parallel from listening to a Circe lecture.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. John

    Haha, my review might be slightly bias but thats because Wendell Berry is my great uncle. Personally, I thought the book was beautifully written also, but the style was not for me. I thought that it was extremely slow paced, it used a profound amount of sensory detail and over analyzed ever setting. It was most likely the most vivid details of almost any book I have ever read, and I applaud my uncle for that fact, and it validates to me, why he is so acclaimed. This was in fact the second of his books in which I have ever read, the first being The Hidden Wound, and personally I enjoyed both equally. Jayber Crow was a very interesting to say the least, but it did not satisfy my hunger for a plot thickened book. I know, that probably seems very shallow of me, but take for granted I love the catcher in the rye and many say its an extremely bland and dry book, but i like it. I am very glad i read this book, it was much better then a poorly written plot driven book. For his writing style and genre, I am sure this is the cream of the crop and I could see why. But, It is still just not for me. Thank you very much for pointing out that parallel, I never would have guessed that, I have not read that entire book but i know the main story and that is very ingenious. Feel Free to e-mail if you would like to further discuss this or any other piece of literature. Hardcoreguitarist6761@gmail.com

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