• Kaylee Updegrave

      its a really good book. i just read this book. its amazing. and i am a 6th grade girl. and we have students like that. so yeah. if you havent yet, you should 😀

  1. Kaylee Updegrave

    as a 6th grade girl, i see were she is coming from. when i read this, i couldnt put it down. And when i found out about jordan, i was very werid to me, i met a guy named jordan arouind the time she met him. i feel her a jordan have a very strong friendship. when the book ended, it had the right thing to it. i think it said, :”dont you hate when you are eating a pie and when there is no more, you want more?” or something like that, welll that was how the book ended. i love this book. i love the author. (:

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