1. i haven’t read a jerry spinelli book in a long time, i really liked “manic magee, crash and wringer”, hopefully this book is as good as those books.

  2. Will has the same last name as me, slightly different spelling. 🙂 Interesting.

    I am currently reading “Eggs” by Jerry Spinelli – have you read it?

  3. Abby

    I have read most of the jerry spinelli books. Eggs was on of my fav’s. but my definate favorite is “smiles to go”. It is great. I ♥ this book.

  4. Anonymous Reader

    I really liked this book. I’m very fond of Jerry Spinelli’s books. I love his way of explaining things and he is a great writer. If you like other Jerry Spinelli books this is great book that I think you should read!

  5. jessica

    i read this book for my book report, i truly love it. it has so much meaning and shows that nothing lasts forever so live life to the fullest !
    (well thats my opinon of it ) 😛

  6. Emma

    Smiles to go I think was one of the best book I read. It’s really is interesting to see how someone thinks.But i think that Will over thinks sometimes. I agree that that we should live life to the fullest because everything does decay. So people to really know what I’m saying read it! 😉

  7. Madison

    I’m reading this book right now…so far I think it’s pretty good. I am also a science geek, so I can relate! 🙂 I’m planning to read Eggs next–has anyone else read this book?

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