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If you’ve visited my blog before, you may know that my family is working on a goal of learning more of God’s word this year.  Our first family memorization challenge was Psalm 1, and I am proud to report that we completed it in about three weeks. I was thinking about how I love to hear my little girls’ little voices recite their verses, and how I am going to miss hearing those little voices as they grow, when it occurred to me that this is the perfect opportunity to do something we have not done nearly enough of:  videotaping our girls doing day-to-day stuff.  We remember to pull out the video camera on holidays and birthdays, but we often only use our regular (digital) camera for normal memory-keeping.  I thought that it would be a great family keepsake to have our girls reciting their memory chapters on videotape.  On Sunday morning after the girls were dressed for church, Steady Eddie recorded Lulu saying the chapter.  Because Louise is still pretty small, she just “helped” her sister this time.  However, I know that within the next six months or so she will be able to say the whole chapters herself; she already learns most of the verses with a little prompting.  I love that I now have this precious chapter of their lives recorded and I look forward to adding more minutes to our tape as the girls learn more of God’s word!

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