1. To me, this felt like one of the books that would win awards because it seems to have been written for adults. That nostalgia for childhood and the metaphor for growing up aren’t really something I’d expect to appeal to actual children, nor is the “mysterious” ending. I think a lot of children like closure in their stories. When I was growing up, I actually used to avoid anything with a Newbery medal on the cover because I read it as shorthand for a “bad book.” Not what the prize committee intended, I’m sure!

    • Amy

      Interesting! I had actually thought of that. I’m pretty sure I would’ve missed the point of this story as a kid, or if I didn’t miss it, I wouldn’t have understood it at all (or at least not like I do now–ha!) I hate that you felt that way as a kid. I know for sure it’s not what the committees intend, but I can definitely see why you felt like that. This is one reason I have enjoyed participating in the CYBILS–the emphasis on these awards is what will actually appeal to kids.

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