1. We are about half-way through Swiss Family Robinson and I think I can say that we are all enjoying it. Enough wild animals to keep the boy interested, and lots of adventure for the rest of us. And it seems like I’m looking up the definition of at least one word per chapter while we are reading so that has been a big bonus. I’m like you …. blogging seems harder and harder to squeeze in but I do love talking about books. : )

  2. I am huge fan of my library (obviously) and have been checking out board books in droves. I keep us to a pretty tight budget and don’t really go into stores unless I need something – AND I tend to be pretty picky about only acquiring books I know we’ll like. All of the above means I haven’t bought many books for Tirzah Mae. I think that’s probably poised to change since Tirzah Mae is starting to show preferences for specific books, making re-reading books a lot more fun ūüôā

    I decided that listing everything we’ve been reading is much too unwieldy, so I just listed a few favorites this month – including a non-board book!. My post is here.

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