1. HAPPY (early) 15th ANNIVERSARY!

    And I can’t believe that the DLM is 4 already. Wow!

    Not sure what to say re: your daily consistent routine. 😀 It WOULD be curious to hear if others have a hard time transitioning to summer. I always like routine, but then I like vacation breaks. We’re still working to adjust and find our new normal with our addition to the family so our routine (whatever it is) has been shot of late!

  2. I’m am so with you. Over the years, we have tried year round schooling, modified schedule in the summer, and a complete break in the summer. I HATE trying to get the kids bad on a schedule in fall after a three month break. I hate nagging them to do school work in the summer. And I don’t like never having a break from the schedule myself. SO I can sympathize, but I have no solutions.

    I would give you one bit of advice from farther down the road. Keep a read aloud schedule going daily for the entire family for as long as you can possibly do it. I wish I had made this an inviolable rule at my house.

  3. I find transitions tough too. And the lack of routine. As much as I enjoy the feeling of less-scheduled days, I also often end up feeling like I’m not getting anything done. We’ve had a hard time keeping up the reading-aloud as well, we’re doing it but it’s definitely not as consistent. No word of wisdom, just some empathy.

    And happy anniversary! We celebrate fourteen years in about a week!

  4. Don’t worry, we your dedicated readers will be always be here for you when you come back to us :).
    That garden is AMAZING!!! We just planted in the last couple of weeks here (May was just way too cold). I think I need to do a garden post this week, just so I can do another one in a month and compare.

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