The Question Bookclub: Chapters 1-3 linky post

Well, I’m not sure this is the summer for me to host a bookclub.  🙂  I’ve been knee-deep in a painting/furniture finishing project for two days now, so I’ve only read the first chapter of The Question.  Last week my children were involved in two vacation Bible schools simultaneously.  (Note to self:  think twice before doing that again!)  A week ago this past Saturday, we acquired a parakeet.  (I can hardly believe it myself!)  My girls are patiently trying to train her to perch on their fingers as I type.  Anyway, sometimes I wonder if my blog is going to go the way of the dodo due to this being the busiest season of my life to date.  What I’ve read so far if The Question I like, but by the time I fall into bed each night I’m exhausted with parenting and chauffeuring and generally keeping up with my kiddos that I have little brain power left to devote to anything the least bit challenging.  I’ll go ahead and post my linky just in case anyone else is reading along, and I’ll attempt to come back and add my posts (if I manage to get them written.)

Happy summer-ing, friends!


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