Kitchen Notes

May 2014-end of 059

We went to the grocery story this morning, and truth be told, I seriously considered picking up drive-through burgers so I didn’t have to come home and deal with lunch on top of all that food we just bought.  😉  Once everyone was loaded up and we were on our way, though. Louise announced that she wanted buttered cornbread for lunch, so I thought, Why not?

I oiled my little well-seasoned castiron skillet and stuck it in the oven (set on 450 degrees) to heat while we unloaded the groceries.  I eyeballed my cornbread batter–corn meal mix, milk, and one egg–and poured it into the piping hot skillet.  (Preheating the skillet is a must to give the cornbread a thick and crispy crust.)

May 2014-end of 057 May 2014-end of 060

Both girls ate a slice with butter, while I opted for a couple of slices of medium sharp cheddar cheese in my cornbread “sandwich.”  (I actually prefer sharp cheddar, but medium cheddar was what was already opened.)

May 2014-end of 062


This is really a little thick for my liking–I like a lot of crust and not a lot of “middle,” and one of my girls agrees with me and one doesn’t.  Cornbread is a southern staple, for sure, and it’s one I grew up eating and now feed my family, even as the main feature at lunch. 🙂

For supper I tried out a new recipe–chicken fried rice from A Slob Comes Clean.  It was a pretty big hit, even with my picky eaters, and I have enough rice and chicken (which I cooked this morning in the Crock-Pot with some poultry seasoning) stashed in the freezer for two more such meals.

Currently there are two 8″ round cakes cooling on the counter in preparation for the DLM’s early birthday party on Saturday.  (My sister and one of my nephews are leaving on a mission trip to Honduras this weekend, so they’ll be out of the country on his birthday next week.  We’re having our family celebration a few days early.)  I’m using a new-to-me recipe for the cake and will frost it with white buttercream to look like a baseball.  I’ll try to share pictures when it’s decorated.

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