1. Hope your nursing pain has improved! Not a good feeling; I remember. I’m glad it’s March too, but where’s the warm weather? Our weekend is supposed to be nicer but it’s still 44 degrees right now. Brrr.

    I love you are “creating lots of complicated plans in your head.” 🙂 I do that often myself.

    Gone with the Wind used to be my all-time favorite book. I haven’t read it in several years; maybe I’ll do a re-read sometimes and still if I still agree with my original assessment.

    Hope you have a great weekend! Your baby is a doll!

  2. I was blessed enough to have easy nursing with both of my kids. I pray that your difficulties would become a great joy for you. There are so many good things that come of nursing for your child and you.

    It has been an unusual winter here in California. Not much of a winter to speak of, but lots of drought. Thanks for sharing your Daybook.

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