Wednesdays with Words–Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery

I’m spending part of January enthralled with the worlds created by L.M. Montgomery as I have done for the past five years.  This year’s selections are the last two of the three Emily books.  This quote is from Emily Climbs, and it’s exemplary of what I love best about Montgomery’s stories.  It’s Emily’s response in her “Jimmy-book” (journal) to overhearing an uppity Charlottetown woman say that nothing interesting ever happens in sleepy little Blair Water:

“So, Mistress Sawyer, you are vastly mistaken.  Besides, apart from all happenings, the folks here are interesting in themselves.  I don’t like every one but I find every one interesting–Miss Matty Small, who is forty and wears outrageous colors–she wore an old-rose dress and a scarlet hat to church all last summer–old Uncle Reuben Bascom, who is so lazy that he held an umbrella over himself all one rainy night in bed, when the roof began to leak, rather than get out and move the bed–Elder McCloskey, who thought it wouldn’t do to say ‘pants’ in a story he was telling about a missionary, at prayer-meeting, so always said politely ‘the clothes of his lower parts’–Amasa Derry, who carried off four prizes at the Exhibition last fall, with vegetables he stole from Ronnie Bascom’s field, while Ronnie didn’t get one prize–Jimmy Joe Belle, who came here from Derry Pond yesterday to get some lumber ‘to beeld a henhouse for my leetle dog’–old Luke ELliott, who is such a systematic fiend that he even draws up a schedule of the year on New Year’s day, and charts down all the days he means to get drunk on–and sticks to it: –they’re all interesting and amusing and delightful.  (25)

Confession:  what caught my attention first about her observations is that obviously in Emily’s mind, forty is o-l-d, as is evidenced by her shock at what Miss Matty Small wore to church all summer.  I’ll be forty next month.   Sigh.
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6 thoughts on “Wednesdays with Words–Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery”

  1. Happy sigh. I love Emily almost as much as I love Anne. 😉 And it’s been longer since I last read her. I may have to add those books to my reading stack again…

  2. But 40 isn’t old. It’s just old to be a MISS. One has to be eccentric to not be a matron by that time.

    For myself, I wonder if this isn’t the beginning of the Red Hat Club (except that they only admit women over 50.)

  3. Oh, if only you could sit down with some of the old-timers out here. Everyone really is interesting, and you hear about all of them…and their relatives (up to second cousins twice removed) and neighbours (their cousins live down the hill from the purple house, don’t they? when the house has been a different colour for ten years already…). My husband is a lay pastor at a church where everyone who attends has been there (in that church, in that community) for several hundred years. (OK, starting with their great great grandparents, but you know what I mean.)

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