Seasons of a Mother’s Heart bookclub

Last summer I did my own bit of homeschooling “professional development” (a term I realize some people might consider an oxymoron ūüėČ ) by reading and writing through The Core by Leigh Bortins.¬† That was a prelude to our participation in Classical Conversations last year.¬† We are not returning to CC this coming year, mostly because I found the pace to be more than I could keep up.¬†I’m feeling the need to shore up my own soul–to figure out what I’m doing as a mother, to figure out why I’m doing this homeschooling thing again.¬† Frantic is NOT how I want to feel this year.¬† I want to feel settled.¬† I want to feel happy about what we’re doing.¬† I’ve chosen¬†to read Seasons of a Mother’s Heart by Sally Clarkson this summer for my own edification.¬† I was blessed with the opportunity to hear Sally speak at the Teach Them Diligently conference in May, and I left her sessions feeling so encouraged.¬† In fact, I’ve already begun reading Seasons, which I purchased at the conference, but I long to have someone to discuss it with.¬† Thus, I’ve decided to begin again, read more thoughtfully, and¬†respond to what Sally says by writing about it here on my blog.¬† I also might do some art journaling through it, if I can manage my time well enough.¬† (I’m very inspired by Diane Marra’s art journals, particularly this one.¬† ¬†I also hope to share my own modest beginnings at art journaling through scripture this week!)

So–is anybody out there interested in doing this along with me?¬† (I mean the reading and discussing, though I’d love to look at anything artistic you create, too!)¬† Here’s what I’m thinking:¬† the book is divided into four sections–Spring, Summer,¬†Fall, and Winter, each of which has three chapters.¬† How about¬†I put up a linky post¬†on Mondays¬†¬†every two weeks beginning July 8, and¬†you can add any posts you have done for that book section.¬† Make sense?¬† How about a schedule?

  • Monday, July¬†8–Spring, chapters 1-3
  • Monday, July 22–Summer, chapter 4-6
  • Monday, August 5–Fall, chapters 7-9
  • Monday, August 19–Winter, chapters 10-12
  • Monday, August 26–final thoughts (Notice this is one week after the last post, not two.)

I know this will likely catch us all right in the midst of beginning the new school year, so I hope the biweekly schedule will make this more doable.

Are you in?¬† I hope so!¬† Link up your “I’m in!” blog posts below.¬† :-)

I’m so excited!¬† :-)


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    1. Stephanie–We’ll keep each other company, then, as we go crazy together! ūüėČ I’m so glad you’re going to read along!

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