Seasons of a Mother’s Heart bookclub

Last summer I did my own bit of homeschooling “professional development” (a term I realize some people might consider an oxymoron 😉 ) by reading and writing through The Core by Leigh Bortins.  That was a prelude to our participation in Classical Conversations last year.  We are not returning to CC this coming year, mostly because I found the pace to be more than I could keep up. I’m feeling the need to shore up my own soul–to figure out what I’m doing as a mother, to figure out why I’m doing this homeschooling thing again.  Frantic is NOT how I want to feel this year.  I want to feel settled.  I want to feel happy about what we’re doing.  I’ve chosen to read Seasons of a Mother’s Heart by Sally Clarkson this summer for my own edification.  I was blessed with the opportunity to hear Sally speak at the Teach Them Diligently conference in May, and I left her sessions feeling so encouraged.  In fact, I’ve already begun reading Seasons, which I purchased at the conference, but I long to have someone to discuss it with.  Thus, I’ve decided to begin again, read more thoughtfully, and respond to what Sally says by writing about it here on my blog.  I also might do some art journaling through it, if I can manage my time well enough.  (I’m very inspired by Diane Marra’s art journals, particularly this one.   I also hope to share my own modest beginnings at art journaling through scripture this week!)

So–is anybody out there interested in doing this along with me?  (I mean the reading and discussing, though I’d love to look at anything artistic you create, too!)  Here’s what I’m thinking:  the book is divided into four sections–Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, each of which has three chapters.  How about I put up a linky post on Mondays  every two weeks beginning July 8, and you can add any posts you have done for that book section.  Make sense?  How about a schedule?

  • Monday, July 8–Spring, chapters 1-3
  • Monday, July 22–Summer, chapter 4-6
  • Monday, August 5–Fall, chapters 7-9
  • Monday, August 19–Winter, chapters 10-12
  • Monday, August 26–final thoughts (Notice this is one week after the last post, not two.)

I know this will likely catch us all right in the midst of beginning the new school year, so I hope the biweekly schedule will make this more doable.

Are you in?  I hope so!  Link up your “I’m in!” blog posts below.  🙂

I’m so excited!  🙂


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    1. Stephanie–We’ll keep each other company, then, as we go crazy together! 😉 I’m so glad you’re going to read along!

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