The next-to-penultimate week of summer school

Five things from this week that have made me happy:

1.  Although this was technically last week, I’m still thankful for it, so I’m including it this week.  Last Thursday we got away for a little family trip to Atlanta.  I am thankful that we got to go the the American Girl place, the Georgia Aquarium, and the Dwarf House (the original Chick-Fil-A). The DLM also got to ride quite a few escalators and elevators.  🙂 Although some things did not go exactly as planned, it was still a good trip, and I’m thankful we had the means to take this little excursion.   

2.  I am thankful (again) that we have so many great outdoor activities at our disposal.  We have generous relatives who let us use their pools pretty much whenever we’d like to.  The bonus this week was that we had a couple of extra boys around for pool time (a big boy and a medium sized boy) which resulted in some very entertaining pool escapades.  I’m also thankful that I have extra hands to help wrangle the DLM in the pool!  🙂  Next week is my sister’s last week off of work for the summer, so I hope we can squeeze in several trips to the pool next week.

3.  My cousin’s family’s pool is right behind their home which is situated right beside a little pond.  (It’s a real bonus for my fishing-crazed nephew that he can fish from the diving board!)  There is a giant of a tree by the pond which has served their boys for years with its long rope swing.  My children, my nephews, and their friend had a lot of fun riding on this piece of Americana. 

4.  Steady Eddie’s van died a protracted death a few weeks ago, and when we got a $700 estimate from the mechanic for the replacement of the fuel pump, my handy husband decided to fix it himself.  With the help of my dad, he was able to do it on Monday night after about three hours’ worth of sweaty, greasy, dirty work and $60 or so for the part.  Praise the Lord!

5.  Doing hard things (to borrow a phrase from a popular book I haven’t read but would like to) is something I want to encourage in our home.  This week it was math:  Lulu completed lessons 118-120 in RS C.  In lesson 118 she learned about square centimeters, which was fine.  However, she was challenged to figure out the dimensions of a rectangle with a specified area.  We pulled out the centimeter cubes and she got to work.  It was hard.  She wanted to give up, but she didn’t want to.  (Do you have a child like that?)  She didn’t want me to even talk to her about it.  She wanted to think about it quietly and work it out for herself.  She did it!  Obviously, she was exhausted by the time she figured it out, but she did it.  I was very proud of her, but I learned something, too:  I have to give this girl some space–wait/think time is what we called it in education circles back in the day when I was still in the circle.  We also learned a new math card game this week for more multiplication practice, and yes, I’m still loving RightStart Math.  The quote of the week this week is from Lulu.  She had this to say about multiplication while we were playing the new card game:

When you start a new game [with a new concept, etc.], it’s like meeting an unfriendly person.  But later in the game, the person gets friendlier. 

I hope she always thinks of numbers and math in terms of friendly people.  🙂

Lulu did week 34 in FLL 2 this week, and I’ve also learned that my giving her time to think through the dictations is imperative to her successfully completing them.  (Obviously, I have a hard time keeping my mouth closed.)  This week I even resorted to reading a book while she worked, just so I would keep my mouth closed.  I’ve learned not to interrupt her to correct almost anything–just let her write and go back later and fix it.  This is counter to what I’ve read about not letting the student seeing misspelled words or incorrect punctuation, but Lulu gets extremely frustrated if I interrupt her.  I’m finally learning to adapt to her needs as a learner.

Louise is still plugging right along in All About Spelling, and I’m hoping that she and Lulu can begin AAS 2 together close to the time that we start our official new school year.  (Much of this will be a review for Lulu, but I’m okay with that.)  Does anyone have any tips for doing AAS with more than one student at a time?

In addition to this, the girls did handwriting practice three days this week, and we’ve done a boatload of reading.  We haven’t kept up our bookstack this week for This Week in Books because we’re rearranging things down in the school room a bit and I haven’t quite decided where to put our bookstack or even if this is something I want to keep up.  I know that Louise has been diligently working through some A Beka readers we got a few weeks ago, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at what grade level she’s been able to read successfully.  Lulu’s still engrossed in all things American Girl, and in fact both girls have spent a lot of time in imaginative play with their dolls (and the new outfits they bought while in Atlanta). We started Ralph Moody’s Man of the Family as our read-aloud this week.  I’ve been in a bit of a reading funk this week myself because I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff that’s about to start:  Classical Conversations, our normal school schedule, my weekend job, a new AWANA program at church, to name just a few things.  In fact, I hope to spend a good bit of time this weekend planning, which means I really need to end this post and get started.

Before I do, I wanted to mention some technical issues that I’m having with my blog.  Apparently the RSS feed (or whatever it’s called) isn’t working.  I noticed that things had been very quiet around here this week, but I chalked it up to summer busy-ness until a kind friend alerted me via Hope Is the Word’s Facebook page that there is a problem.  Unfortunately, I have the technical know-how of a flea, so I’m not sure when or if the problem will be rectified.  Would you consider liking the page on FB (I try to link up each post there) or subscribing via email?  Thank you. 

Did you have a good week?

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7 thoughts on “The next-to-penultimate week of summer school”

  1. Oh, I totally know what you mean about that wants to give up/doesn’t want to give up sort of thing. That happens regularly around here. I am really itching to get started with math again (very little summer math practice happened around here, so I am starting to get nervous about forgetfulness!).

    I’m thankful for a hubby who can fix our old van too…we’re saving, saving, saving to be able to pay cash for our next van so it is a lifesaver that my husband has been able to fix the breaks, find the source of oil leaks, etc to keep our old van afloat until our “van fund” is at our goal amount.

  2. Kirsten,
    I know what you mean about math practice NOT happening. I SO intended for us a play math games several times a week this summer. Sigh.

    Yeah, we’re pretty set on NOT having a vehicle payment, so we keep fixing them and praying for them. 🙂

  3. Do hard things.

    I like that. I may adopt that little saying as well.

    My Michael Clay Thompson materials came today — I’m excited!!! Thanks to you for so many great recommendations, Amy.

    Next time you come to ATL we will get together — I’m so sorry my shoulder and back sidelined me. 🙁

  4. What a blessing to have those pools to make good use of. And the trip to Atlanta sounds like it was fun. When our kids were little we did a lot of little weekend type getaways in the summer as opposed to big long vacations and they really enjoyed it.

    Good for your hubby who took on that car repair. Quite a difference in the end price!

  5. We lived outside of Atlanta for a few years and were home schooling at the time, and our homeschool group got to sing at the Chick-F-l-A headquarters weekly company devotions and then tour the facility. They had a replica of the first place Truet Cathy had including a life-sized replica of someone cooking chicken. I would have hated to clean in there at night with that in there! It was neat, though, to know the company had weekly devotions.

    I don’t know if the American Girls place was there when we lived there. If I had known, I would have visited! I enjoyed some of the early books, though I had all boys and didn’t have anyone interesting in sharing them. It has grown to be such and enterprise now.

    So nice to have access to pools nearby!

  6. I had wondered what happened to your posts – thought you were just having a quiet week over here. Now I have some reading to catch up on. : )

    Sounds like a good week, in spite of hard things. : )

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