1. Oh, I totally know what you mean about that wants to give up/doesn’t want to give up sort of thing. That happens regularly around here. I am really itching to get started with math again (very little summer math practice happened around here, so I am starting to get nervous about forgetfulness!).

    I’m thankful for a hubby who can fix our old van too…we’re saving, saving, saving to be able to pay cash for our next van so it is a lifesaver that my husband has been able to fix the breaks, find the source of oil leaks, etc to keep our old van afloat until our “van fund” is at our goal amount.

  2. Amy

    I know what you mean about math practice NOT happening. I SO intended for us a play math games several times a week this summer. Sigh.

    Yeah, we’re pretty set on NOT having a vehicle payment, so we keep fixing them and praying for them. 🙂

  3. Do hard things.

    I like that. I may adopt that little saying as well.

    My Michael Clay Thompson materials came today — I’m excited!!! Thanks to you for so many great recommendations, Amy.

    Next time you come to ATL we will get together — I’m so sorry my shoulder and back sidelined me. 🙁

  4. What a blessing to have those pools to make good use of. And the trip to Atlanta sounds like it was fun. When our kids were little we did a lot of little weekend type getaways in the summer as opposed to big long vacations and they really enjoyed it.

    Good for your hubby who took on that car repair. Quite a difference in the end price!

  5. We lived outside of Atlanta for a few years and were home schooling at the time, and our homeschool group got to sing at the Chick-F-l-A headquarters weekly company devotions and then tour the facility. They had a replica of the first place Truet Cathy had including a life-sized replica of someone cooking chicken. I would have hated to clean in there at night with that in there! It was neat, though, to know the company had weekly devotions.

    I don’t know if the American Girls place was there when we lived there. If I had known, I would have visited! I enjoyed some of the early books, though I had all boys and didn’t have anyone interesting in sharing them. It has grown to be such and enterprise now.

    So nice to have access to pools nearby!

  6. I had wondered what happened to your posts – thought you were just having a quiet week over here. Now I have some reading to catch up on. : )

    Sounds like a good week, in spite of hard things. : )

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