Our penultimate week of school

(I’ve always wanted to use the word penultimate, and now I have!)

It’s sort of anticlimactic, I suppose, to begin a week with a post about the previous week.  However, this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write about last week and I’ve sort of gotten into the habit of wrapping up our school weeks here, so here we go.  It was an especially good week, and I don’t want to forget it! 

We went on a nature walk/color scavenger hunt first thing last Monday morning.  I challenged the girls to take pictures of orange or yellow things.  We saw a lot of daylilies. 

Life has been interesting the past few months, to say the least.  We’ve had our share of sickness and convalescence, including but not limited to the DLM’s bout with the flu and his fractured tibia.  Of course, life and homeschooling with a toddler isn’t usually easy, anyway, but his limited mobility has made things just a bit trickier and more tiring than usual.  Last Monday afternoon he was sitting in my lap while I was teaching Lulu her spelling lesson.  I have our AAS cards in a tightly-packed file box, and he was really determined to pull some of them out.  He yanked a little too hard on one, and his little hand flew back and smacked me in the eye, pushing the lens out of my glasses in the process.  {Sigh.}  I really didn’t have time to make a trip to the eyeglasses place to have it fixed.  About the time this happened, the girls ran out to the mailbox to check the mail.  Lo and behold, Stephanie had sent me a sweet, sweet “thinking of you” card and a bit of scrapbooking goodness just because she’s such a kind and thoughtful friend.  This really made my day and seemed like a little hug from heaven that came just when I needed it most.  Oh, and Steady Eddie was able to fix my glasses, so we didn’t have to make a trip to have them fixed, after all.  🙂

So, Monday got off to a good start.  I determined before last week ever began to make it as simple as possible because Steady Eddie had to go out of town for part of the week.  I have a lot of help, but still, I’m pretty spoiled to handing the DLM over to him about 4:30 every afternoon.   

Our week in bullet points:

  • We read a lot.  This makes me happy.  You can see our towering stack o’ books here
  • Louise continues to amuse herself with her homemade mermaid paper dolls.  Just when I thought she had forgotten about them, she pulled them out of their tissue box home and strung them up by their tails on the blind cords in the school room.  This girl generally has little trouble occupying herself while I’m working with her sister, but she is ready for more work and more intellectual engagement.  The question is, am I ready for it? 
  • The DLM enjoyed going head-first off our mini-trampoline over and over again.  {Sigh.}  At least he was staying busy, right?
  • The girls began a Chinese language and culture class throug the continuing education department at our local university (the one where Steady Eddie and I both work).  Taught by a native speaker, this class has already been so much fun and such a blessing here at the end of school.  The girls have already learned to say and write several phrases.  It has been interesting sitting in the back of the room and observing the girls participate in a traditional classroom setting. The only challenging part has been getting the DLM down for his nap early enough to get there on time.

Our lessons:

  • Math:  RS C lessons 107-110 for Lulu and RS B lessons 26-27 for Louise, plus a bunch of games for both girls.  Louise continues to work on multiplication, and in a serendipitous turn of events for this tired mama’s brain, both girls were introduced to the commutative property (of addition and multiplication) this week!
  • For language, Lulu finished up her parts of speech book.  I hope to share more about this later.
  • Writing:  Lulu has now completed through week 30 in WWE 2.  It is pretty tough now!  Louise is showing a lot of interest in writing now, too.  She composed and mailed several cards and letters on her own this week. 
  • Spelling:  Lulu has completed through step 14 in AAS 2.  This will be it for this year, too, because I hope to catch Louise up to Lulu over the summer (I’m pretty sure she can do it!) so that they can do at least one subject together next year.
  • We read about knights and samurai in SotW 2 this week.  Lulu read a couple of extra books about them and did a couple of good notebooking pages to add to her history notebook.
  • Louise completed lessons 155-157 in OPGtTR.    We also finished reading together Wedding Flowers from The Cobble Street Cousins series.  As I’ve already mentioned, both girls did a bunch of reading.
  • We also worked on memory work and handwriting.
  • What continues to be a struggle for us is science (really just in terms of fitting it in), but we’re looking to change that next year.

On Friday we took a field trip to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens since it was National Public Gardens Day and admission was free. My mom went with us and we all had a great time.  (She loves flowers and her yard looks a bit like a public garden!)  Really, from the weather to the picnic lunch to the butterfly pavilion to the children’s garden, it couldn’t have been nicer.  I hope to share more pictures from our trip later.

We then plunged into a very busy weekend.  Lulu’s eighth birthday was on Mother’s Day, so the whole weekend was about celebrating our eight year old crafty bookworm and mothers.  Lulu received a sewing machine (!!!), lots of crafty stuff, and books for her birthday, as well as a lot of other stuff.  I’m sure I’ll share more about our sewing adventures here later. 

It was a fabulous week, and of course, I left a lot out.  This week is super duper busy, with three separate recitals, as well as the DLM’s cast removal.  Add dress rehearsals and practice to that, as well as the wrapping up of school, and it’s going to be a great week!

I hope you have one, too!


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6 thoughts on “Our penultimate week of school”

  1. You have the best photo collages! I just love looking at your photos and your weeks:)
    Yay for a birthday, Mother’s Day, and the removal of the cast! My girls loved the Ramona books too…that photo of your daughter reading is too sweet.
    Have a great week!

  2. I enjoyed reading your wrap up. Mine was late, too this week, but I enjoy recapping so I posted as well! We use some of the same curricula (STOW, WWE and AAS). Hope this week is as wonderful as last week for you 🙂

  3. Amy ~ I am with you on science. We have started Elemental Science and really like it (I bet you would, too – considering your Classical bent and all!). I feel like we’re actually fitting science in now… I’m thinking it might just be a summer of science, and I guess that’s ok?

    I always enjoy hearing about your weeks, and you’re making me want to check out Right Start math!

    Happy Monday!

  4. How fun that she got a sewing machine for her birthday! I bet there will be lots of sewing at your house this summer! I love the wavy candles. Where did you find them?

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