1. I always love your collage posts for lots of reasons. One is that I find myself going “hey, me too” too much of them. We’re in the midst of a renovation also, although I think not as involved. But it does involve furniture displaced and we just decided to paint last week. Ours is a bright blue-green, I may post pictures soon.

    As you know, we’re also figuring out how to handle the various tides and cycles of homeschooling. I’m not sure we’ll do a spring break this year, we had a break just two weeks ago that was unplanned but needed. And we go to the beach for a week in May. The further we go the more I see us as roughly year-round schoolers, taking breaks when we need to rather than as scheduled.

  2. We just love Maestro Classics. My favorite so far is Casey at the Bat!

    I definitely know homeschooling is tidal for me… which is why I was needing a break so badly – I turned it into a 2 instead of 1 week break and it feels very good. As I keep telling my husband: “I don’t think the kids will go ‘stupid’ in an extra week, do you?”

    Happy weekend!

  3. Sounds like a very busy week! I’m glad everyone is on the mend, though.
    Thanks for linking with Favorite Resources with the Maestro Classics. I’ve heard of them before. Our library system actually has a couple of them. We’ve listened to some of the CDs in the Classical Kids series before.
    Enjoy your break!

  4. We are joining Classical Conversations in the fall also. I have seen it in action and am excited for what it might bring to our homeschool. I’m very excited to learn right a long with my girls!

  5. I’m so sorry that your little guy has been sick. 🙁 I woke early this morning to a boy that was coughing a bunch so I’m wondering what our next week holds for us. We’re finally going to go visit a CC group this week so I’m looking forward to seeing what that actually looks like.

    I hope you really, really enjoy your spring break!! I’m hoping to get this next week under our belt and maybe a few days the following (since we had the unexpected days off last week with travel stuff), and then take 2-3 days the week before and after Easter weekend and split it up some. When I look at the calendar, and what I still wanted to accomplish this year, it’s hard to believe that technically we are in the homestretch of this homeschooling year!

  6. The title of your post made me laugh! I think we’ve all experienced this kind of week:) It may have been a little topsy-turvy, but it still looks like you got a lot accomplished and enjoyed time together. Hope everyone is feeling better now!

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