Spring Reading Thing 2012

I’m joining in the Spring Reading Thing at Callapidder Days this year with a plan.  My reading lately has been rather unfocused.  I’m having a hard time reading anything besides something easy and relatively mindless.  While I’m not eager to begin something right now that really taxes my brain, I do have some things that I want to get to sooner rather than later.  Since there are 13 weeks between March 20 and June 20 and I usually average about a book a week, here’s what I plan to read:

  1. My Bible.  No, not the whole thing.  🙂  I plan to read at least one chapter a day every day before I read anything else, including your blog.  😉 I’m putting this out there to hold myself accountable.  (I’m not counting this in my total, either.  It should be a given!)
  2. Reading to Know Book Club titles:  there’s still time for February’s title, The Pilgrim’s ProgressReading to Know - Book Club(I’m going to give myself a little leeway for this one–if I find I just can’t force my tired brain to wade through the language when I try to read this one in bed at night, I’m going to be satisfied that I read Little Pilgrim’s Progress to my girls, which is one of our current read-alouds.)  I’m excited about picking a P.G. Wodehouse title for April, and then it’s my pick in May–The Adventures of Tom Sawyer–so I guess I’d better put it on my list! 
  3. Lit!:  A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony Reinke.  This one has been on my TBR list for far too long!
  4. Something by the author Daphne Simpkins. 
    She will be speaking in April for National Library Week at the university where Steady Eddie and I both work.  I don’t know anything about her or much about her novels, but I think it’s a great opportunity to get out and meet an author.  
  5. I have several ALA Youth Media Award-winning books lined up to read:  Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos, Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai, and Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley. 

6.  Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley was a birthday present from my dear mother-in-law, and she says it’s a must-read.

7.  Since we’re fairly certain we’ll be joining a Classical Conversations community next school year, I really want to read Leigh Bortins’ The Core.

8.  I was intrigued by the whole idea of Free Range Learning when I read an article by its author, Laura Grace Weldon.  This might be a bit much to read in a week, but we’ll see. 

11.  I want to read something else for Semicolon’s North Africa Reading Challenge–maybe something from this list

10.  I’d still like to read a Bess Crawford mystery, and I’d love to participate in the Book Time with Bess Read-Along at Book Club Girl as I can.  There are four of those books, so I guess that would push me over my thirteen book goal, huh?

11.  And since I’m already over my thirteen, I think I’ll add City of Tranquil Light by Bo Caldwell.  Sherry’s review piqued my curiosity and Alice’s pushed it from my “maybe” to my “must read” list. 

That’s a very optimistic list for me.  I like having some priorities in place, though.  I’m planning for every book I read in the next three months to be from this list!  (Of course, books I read to my children don’t count.)  Now if I can just manage a bit of self-control and quit reading so many of blogs!

How do you prioritize your reading and your time?


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17 thoughts on “Spring Reading Thing 2012”

  1. I’m cheering you on! I did great on my monthly plan in February, not so hot in March, but there is still a week and a half left to redeem myself. : ) The Core is excellent – you will enjoy that, I predict. And, I just recently had to BUY a copy of Tom Sawyer. I know I had/have a copy from my childhood, but can’t find it anywhere. I’m looking forward to rereading that one!

  2. I’ve seen a number of people mention Lit! over the last few months and I’ve seen it pop up on what SRT lists I’ve seen already. My first response is that I’d rather read than read about reading, but this sounds really interesting.

    I’m looking forward to Wodehouse, too. I’ve only read one of his books so far but really enjoyed it.

    I don’t really prioritize reading — I just usually go with whatever I feel like. But that’s one thing I like about SRT — it helps me be more purposeful.

  3. Quite an ambitious list! I go through phases where I read everything in sight and then slow down for a while. This time of year seems to be a big reading time for me, so I think I will get through my whole list.

    Happy Reading. 🙂

  4. I don’t recognize anything on your list, but that’s not surprising as my reading tends to focus on mysteries, crafts and a bit of this and that. I set a goal of 12 books, but my reading is always guided by my mood, so I may not complete the 12 I have pre-selected. Good luck with this year’s SRT challenge.

  5. What a stack! I’ve read positive things about Dead End in Norvelt and Inside Out and Back Again. Barbara H. is right that SRT gives readers a chance to add more purpose to their reading. To prioritize my reading, I usually try to limit the amount of time I spend online and keep a book in my purse. Happy reading!

  6. Your Bible reading schedule is slightly more ambitious than mine, but I do hope to finish Jeremiah and Lamentations by June 20th.

    I highly recommend the Bess Crawford series, although I thought the third one – A Bitter Truth – not up to the previous books. If you like Bess, also try Maisie Dobbs.

  7. You’ve got a great list! I do hope you get to Bo Caldwell’s City of Tranquil Light! It was one of my favorite books I read last year. I’m also curious to see what you think of Dead End in Norvelt.

  8. Oh yes, you must read City of Tranquil Light! It is a book you won’t be able to put down! I loved it and now that you’ve reminded me will probably pick it up again! Enjoy your list!

  9. A few months ago I decided I needed to be more disciplined like you’re suggesting to read my Bible before I read anything else. For the most part, I have, and I feel much better about it. Hope it goes well for you too.

    I am reading Lit! right now and enjoying it. I really liked Enemies of the Heart.

    Enjoy your reading!

  10. I sometimes assign priorities to my “to be read” list based on seasonality– e.g., garden/plants books in the spring, books that are set near water (like the beach) in the summer, mothering books around Mother’s Day, etc. I do kind of stretch the definitions sometimes, but at least it gives me a target to aim for with some of the TBRs.

    Have you not ever read Tom Sawyer? Or is this a reread?

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