1. These both sound great! I’ve had a hard time finding picture books to pull all of us in of late … I’ll have to see if my library has these!

    (I know I owe you an email … hoping to tackle the in-box today!) : )

  2. The title of your blog post this time is what gets me. Now I have Danny Kaye singing, “You can never outfox the fox!” in my head. (From The Court Jester.) I’m not sure whether or not to be annoyed with you. We’ll see how long the song stays put! 🙂

  3. Oh, I need to get back to RAT!

    I do know about Melissa Wiley and her blog! (You probably pointed me in her direction a year or more ago!) I really enjoy her posts, but have not read her books yet. 🙂

  4. These both sound like lots of fun, and those cover illustrations just make me want to open them up right now! Off to request from the library…

  5. These books are both new to me, too, and I am especially interested in checking out Brownie’s story. I also love the contrast of the red and black on the cover of that one. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I read Men of Iron to my 9 yr. old ds and 12 yr. dd. Though there are a lot of fun antics along with the fighting which I think younger kids would enjoy, but as Myles grows everything gets a little more intense. I think this book is probably better for a little bit older child, but it will stretch all the up through adulthood.

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