Easter Plans

*I’m reporting this from last year for my own benefit, but maybe you can use the inspiration, too.*

Because I am incapable of long-range planning at any time other than Christmas time, I am only now doing any serious planning for Easter.¬† Oh, we have our Easter frocks and our requisite white shoes (well, everyone except Lulu–and we’re looking for sandals THIS WEEK–and Steady Eddie, but he doesn’t look good in white ūüėȬ† ), but I haven’t done the important planning, like what books we’re going to read.¬† ūüėȬ† I haven’t checked anything out of the library besides Rechenka’s Eggs¬†and Miz Fannie Mae’s New Easter Hat (both reviewed here).¬† I’ve just been in a sort of fog, going through the motions, just trying to survive this very busy season.¬† I don’t like it this way, but that’s the way it is every spring.¬†

This is what I’m planning for the week:

  • an Easter egg hunt Monday morning.¬† Lulu’s eggs will contain four digit addition problems and Louise’s will contain the tens addition fact problems.¬†¬† They love doing things like this, and I ask myself, why do I wait until a holiday to do something that is so much fun for them?
  • read Benjamin’s Box and hide the Resurrection Eggs around the house each morning.¬† This was¬†a huge hit last year, so I think it will be again.
  • make homemade matzah and eat it all, just like last year.¬† Of course, we will talk about the Passover, too, and how Jesus is our Passover lamb.¬†
  • decorate Easter eggs.¬† We might try our hands at making these egg cups and these eggs.¬† I’d really like to blow the insides out of the eggs so we can have a beautiful¬†egg tree like Janet’s, but it has been since I was a little girl that I’ve tried that.¬† Is it hard?¬† Any tips?
  • read selections from our small collection of Easter books, including Jan Brett’s The Easter Egg.¬† I feel like we acquired the book so late last year that we didn’t have time to properly appreciate and enjoy it, and then it went up in a box with the other Easter things.¬†
  • focus on learning some scriptures that relate to the Resurrection.¬† We did this last year, too, but we haven’t continued to review them, so I’m not sure we all still have them in our grey matter.¬† I’m thinking about pulling¬†questions and scriptures from our Bible quiz materials, but we shall see if I have time to do this.
  • work on an Easter-ish hymn this week for our hymn memorization.¬† Any suggestions?
  • make cinnamon rolls for our Sunday School class for Easter morning.¬† Yummy!
  • make my sister’s favorite cake, banana split (yes, cake),¬†for Easter dinner at my parents’, in honor of her 34th birthday the day before.¬† (How can my baby¬†sister be that old?!?!)

While I’m at it, I think I’ll make a tidy list of all my Easter related posts here, some of which I also linked above.

In the midst of all the busy-ness, though, I want to take some time to worship Him this week.¬† I’m making that a priority.¬†

What are your plans for celebrating Easter in your home this year?

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Spring Break Week

This week we’ve done a little bit of this:


and this:


and a whole, whole lot of this:

For people who like to keep busy (apparently Steady Eddie and I have a hard time allowing ourselves to have too much free time), this week has been a good one.¬† We’ve made some major improvements in our home, and the girls have had a week of just playing, helping out a little in the house and with the DLM, and generally having almost every bit of their time unstructured and uncommitted.¬† (All of their out-of-the-house activities were off this week, too!)¬† I honestly don’t know everything they’ve done.¬† I did help them with making some loopy potholders and I know one day they made paperdolls.¬† Louise had fun setting up a little¬†house¬†out of the¬†leftover wood¬†Steady Eddie¬†from the bookshelves project.¬† They read a good bit, though since the house has been in a major state of upheaval I didn’t try too hard too keep up with This Week in Books.¬†

As a family, we made a couple of trips up to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, for some shopping.¬† We ate out and had take-out a lot.¬† We took off yesterday for an early afternoon nature walk down by the Tennessee River, off the trail we frequent.¬† The girls have wanted to do this hike for¬†a while, but I didn’t want to take them by myself.¬† I’m glad I didn’t, too–the trail was steep, with steps that the CCC had put in place back in the 1930s.¬† They loved wading in the river, and the DLM was in little boy heaven with a shore full of rocks to throw into the water.¬† Lulu and I had two book-related conversations on the hike.¬† I pointed out that the huge trees form a perfect archway over the trail, and Lulu immediately recalled a point in The Door in the Wall (linked to my review) in which the canopy of trees is compared to a cathedral.¬† A little later I heard a bird calling and Steady Eddie and I discussed the possiblity of it being an owl.¬† (It didn’t sound like a dove to me, and I don’t know what other birds making a whooing/cooing sound.)¬† Lulu reassured me that the owl in Poppy by Avi, her assigned book (that she didn’t like ūüėČ ) from last week, was often awake during the day time.¬† I think this is hands-down my favorite part of homeschooling–this family culture we’ve developed thanks to all our shared reaidng experiences.¬†

In short, Steady Eddie and I stayed engrossed in our projects almost the entire week.¬† I really think weeks like this are necessary for the homeschooling lifestyle, at least for us.¬† I get really, really behind on things at home, especially since my weekends aren’t usually free, and it’s just necessary to have time to catch up on things.¬† It feels good to have taken some time to care for our home.¬† I hope to share some pictures in the coming weeks of more of our projects, but we still don’t have them completely finished.¬† You can see¬†our updated bookshelves in our school room here.¬†

This weekend my family is having a special celebration for my dad, who has¬†recently retired after working all his life.¬† ūüôā¬† There will be lots of¬†family and friends sharing¬†good food and¬†felllowship, and I’m looking forward to it.


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Bookshelves with browser boxes

Is it okay if I¬†brag on my husband a bit?¬† Good. ūüôā

When we started our remodeling project, we were going to take the built-in bookshelves he made many years ago from one wall in our family room and put them on another wall.¬† Then he decided that a bank of cabinets would be a great addition to our schoolroom, and that an even better use of space would be put the shelves on top of the cabinets.¬† (The ceilings in our school room are high.¬† You can see what our school room used to look like in this post.)¬† As if all of that isn’t enough, he designed a little special addition to the cabinet tops.¬† On each end, he added a browser box like our libraries have.¬† It’s an area to stand up our picture books so we can flip through them.¬†


The one on the left end of the cabinets is for the picture books we own. (It’s empty in the picture above, but it’s not any more!)¬† The one on the right is for our ever-present, huge collection of borrowed library books.¬†

I am so thankful for Steady Eddie.¬† He is my biggest supporter and cheerleader in this homeschooling endeavor, and I definitely couldn’t do it without his love and support.¬† Thank you, God, for my husband!

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Read Aloud Thursday

Power tools! ūüôā

It’s spring break this week at the House of Hope, and I’ve been a little bit distracted by some major home improvement projects we’ve been working on.¬† I hope I can share pictures of some finished projects in the near future, but for today’s Read Aloud Thursday I’m afraid all I have to offer are some snapshots of what happens in our van after a good trip to the Goodwill store.¬† (We went in looking for furniture and came out with books.)¬† ¬†Caught Reading x 3!¬†


I had hoped to have finished Little Pilgrim’s Progress or Little Britches with my girls in time for today’s post, but we’ve been out of our normal routine all the way around and it just isn’t happening.¬† Next week I’ll be back with a real review!

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We’re getting closer. . .

but right now we’re in the stage where everything is upside down.¬† My scrapbooking supplies and a stack of the kids’ portraits are in the pantry.¬† We’ve been working hard, though.

I think it will be worth it when we get through. 


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