1. I’ve been to Tuskegee and the George Washington Carver museum! When I was growin up (home schooled, no less!) we took a road trip through the south and that was one of our stops. It make a big impression on me! Good (and interesting) memories both.

    Sounds like a really fun week in your household!

  2. I love seeing what Lulu is doing in Right Start since you are just a few lessons ahead of us. It’s like a little preview for me. :). Do you create the mini books ahead of time for your girls to fill in for the BFSU lessons, or do they just make them from scratch? Or did you get them out of some other resource? I struggle with that with the BFSU lessons…in the end we rarely do anything written to accompany the lesson because it is just one more thing to prep. My husband usually teaches the science lesson and I don’t always know ahead of time exactly which part of which lesson he is going to use. If he didn’t like BFSU so much I would definitely pick a curriculum that was easier for me to use!

  3. Amy


    We usually sort of look ahead and try to figure out what we want the girls to take away from the lesson. It usually involves vocabulary or some kind of organized information. I don’t have the BFSU book in front of me, but I think there’s something in there about minibooks, right? I definitely have a love-hate relationship with BFSU myself. I think it’s fantastic but oh-so-hard to implement!

  4. Happy Birthday, Amy!! 🙂

    I’m laughing because once again our homeschool paths are similar. We left our familiar Medieval history this week for a study of FDR and JFK… I like the freedom to diverge every now and then. My son just told me he’s interested in learning about WWII, so I think we may veer there next!

    Thanks for linking! Looks like you had a great week!

  5. Amy — Yeah, I have read in the text at least some of the places where a mini book is suggested…I just get caught up in thinking about the details of what the mini book should be like (I’m really only familiar with lapbooking style mini books…sometimes those get complicated), and the paralysis of analysis of the options stops me from doing anything.

    In my idea world, someone would hold my hand, so to speak, and there would just be a collection of mini-books on the BFSU yahoo group or on some website that I could just print out and then have Miss M cut out and fill in. 🙂 I think if I just told her, “make a mini book about this” I don’t think she would know what to do on her own. (She has done lapbooks, but usually where it was very obvious what she was supposed to write on the inside of the book).

    Like you said, it’s hard to implement! There must be a lot of us out there cobbling together our own materials to use. It’s too bad there hasn’t been more effort by users to create probables to share with one another. I guess if I ever get around to creating anything I should be sure to share it…LOL! 🙂

    • Amy

      Yeah–ou do that! 😉

      I usually just make a simple minibook of some kind or just print soething that seems appropriate from Homeschool Share. I’ll try to post pictures sometime in the near future.

  6. Looks like a great week! We don’t take many weeks off, because I find it’s hard to get back into the routine and I find we all need routine. We do take typically a fall break, a Christmas break and a spring break and sometime in the summer (how much depends on what other things we’re doing). We also are more likely to take a day here or there as random unplanned days off. Like if it’s really warm out or my oldest is really into reading a book or everyone has been grumpy and I think we just need a more fun day.

    I agree sort of with the “getting paid” idea. I’m not sure I’d put it exactly that way. I don’t really look at homeschooling as much as a job as the lifestyle we’ve chosen for our family. I’m not sure I “deserve” payment for that but I do agree that homeschooling moms need to realize where they need help and ASK for it. I’ve become better at that in the past year.

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