1. Mary

    What a productive week, Amy! Try Spelling Workout. This is where we went after SS did not work for us!

    We are in very much the same place in FLL – copying stanzas of The Months, too.

    Once again, I get inspired by you!

  2. I am totally stealing the Reader Response journal idea. I love that!! We are reading Caddie Woodlawn right now for our read aloud – I don’t know when I last read it and we are flying through it. I had thought we might finish it this week for a RAT post, but two early morning dentist appointments for B threw me off my game.

    Love, love, love these posts and need to get in the habit of doing them!

  3. I so enjoy your wrap-up posts! And I meant to thank you for the link to “There once was a puffin” back when you first mentioned that Louise was working on it. My daughter adored it and astonished me by reciting it for me the other day! I’m looking for a poetry collection to keep in the house that has just that kind of poem in it – do you by any chance have a favorite anthology of children’s poetry? I’d love to see your suggestions if you ever have a moment.

  4. Amy

    Basbusa’s Mama,

    I have reviewed my favorite poetry anthologies for little ones here:
    I actually still read these to my girls from time to time.

    I’ve been using The Harp and the Laurel Wreath, which divides works up by trivium stage. Here’s a link:

    Hope that helps! I am so glad you’re enjoying my weekly wrap-ups and finding something useful in them!

  5. I love your photos and reading about your week:) I can always get good book ideas! I’m going to go pull out Caddie Woodlawn right now. I think my youngest would love it. She recently got cowgirl boots of her own too and wears them everywhere!!

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