Armchair Cybils Introduction Link-Up

I couldn’t be more excited about this first Armchair Cybils link-up!  Since I’ve already told you how it will work, I thought I’d share some of my plans for this challenge.

In my excitement, I purchased a couple of books to kick off the challenge.  I’m in the middle of Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick, which is nominated in the graphic novels category.  I liked Selznick’s Caldecott award winning The Invention of Hugo Cabret (linked to my review), and Wonderstruck is shaping up to be just as interesting and maybe even more innovative.  Stay tuned for my review!

When I saw Gloria Whelan‘s Small Acts of Amazing Courage, a nominee in the middle grade fiction category, I added it to my Amazon shopping cart.  I became a fan of Gloria Whelan when I read her novel Homeless Bird way back in library school, and I’ve gone on to read several more of her books.  (I’ve reviewed two of hers here at Hope Is the Word:  The Wanigan and Listening for Lions.)  I don’t really know anything about Small Acts of Amazing Courage other than the fact that I like the author, I think the title is pretty intriguing (even if it does sound like a self-help book!), and the cover art is eye-catching.  I’ll let you know if it lives up to my expectations.  🙂

I don’t have any specific plans beyond these two books.  I know after looking over the list of fiction picture book nominations that I’ve seen a few of the titles at one of our libraries.  Other than that, I’ll just have to search for what titles I can find.

If you’re in search for some inspiration about what to read, I linked up all my reviews of 2011 books in this post; many of them are Cybils nominees.  Here are the links to the lists of nominees by category:

Now it’s your turn!  In your post, simply tell us that you’re joining the challenge, and if you already have a plan in mind, share that, too.  If you want to add the Armchair Cybils button to your post or sidebar (or both!–and I hope you do, so we can spread the word about this fun challenge), go here for the html or snag it from the sidebar over there on the right.



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6 thoughts on “Armchair Cybils Introduction Link-Up”

  1. Hi Amy — coming to link up, but I think something’s wrong with the linky — I see the code for it instead of the actually linky! Anyway — I’m in! Yay!!

  2. I put several titles on hold at the library – that was the first step! Now I’ve completed the second step by signing up here. It remains to be seen whether I can accomplish the main task of actually getting some reviews written. 🙂

  3. Hi Amy,
    My introductory post includes a review of the book I nominated for the non-fiction picture book category. I hope that’s OK? Thanks for the fun challenge. I was intending to review several Cybils books over the next few months anyway. – Janelle

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