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 For this month’s Kids’ Picks post, I thought I’d elaborate a little bit more on what my girls have enjoyed this summer.

I more or less gave Lulu, age 7, free rein to pick out what she wanted to read for the summer reading programs we’ve participated in this summer.  She read lots and lots of chapter books for one of the programs, and as you can see, she consistently worked through the JF War’s.  😉  Looking at her list, the only titles I can see my own hand in are Henry and Beezus (not a hard sell since she loves Ramona), a biography of Phillis Wheatley (whom she was already familiar with due to this picture book), and The Courage of Sarah Noble.  There’s a fair amount of American Girl and My America books on there, too.  This girl loves history!  In addition to the Boxcar Children, etc., I’ve noticed her picking up a few books we’ve read bits and pieces of during the school year, some of which I’ve left about the house, hoping to get back to them later.  In homeschooling circles this kind of baiting is known as strewing, although in our case it’s more accidental than anything.  (In other words, the books are literally strewn all over the house because we’re sort of messy that way.)  

She has read The Adventures of Odysseus, an adaptation that I set out to read aloud as a follow-up to our Greek studies, but I didn’t get past the first chapter.  It caught Lulu’s attention!  Since beginning our globetrotting adventures this summer, I’ve been reading from Around the World in 80 Tales, which is a collection of folktales from around the world.  (I plan to review this one, so stay tuned!)  It has been her book-of-choice to accompany her in the van on errands on more than one occasion.  There has also been the surreptitious reading of “just one more chapter” in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,  our current read-aloud.  She has also enjoyed a biography of Helen Keller, yet another book I hope to write up a post about in the near future. 

Lulu has developed into a reader who will indeed read whatever is put before her:  newspapers (beware!), cereal boxes, billboards, what-have-you.  I couldn’t be happier about this, even if I do find myself having to censor the headlines now and then.  🙂  I’ve noticed a change this summer, at least in the past week or two.  There have been at least two different occasions when Lulu has declined to sit and listen to a book because she was engrossed in her own story.  While I’ll admit this makes me a little bit sad, isn’t this what I’ve been after all along?  It brings me such joy to see her love reading so much, even if I do have to tell her over and over and over and over again to stop reading and unload the dishwasher.  🙂

(By the way, the book titles on her booklog are marked out because at this library, chapter book readers were awarded a stamp for every fifty pages read.  When they filled up a card (500 pages), they were entered into a weekly drawing for a cash prize. Lulu read somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 pages, I think, but alas, she didn’t win anything besides hours and hours of pleasure, spent with books.)

Louise, age 5 1/2, has quite eclectic taste in books.  We read a lot of holiday books after going to  this particular library because they have their holiday picture books separated on one row of shelves, and it happens to be the first row (and the most accessible, it seems).  I admit that sometimes I put back a book or two–I just can’t stomach reading too many Christmas books when it’s 100 degrees outside!  Besides Christmas books, we often end up with a good number of nonfiction picture books.  I’ve already noted our enjoyment of Picture Book Biographies by David Adler.  Louise is very likely to bring home several Magic Schoolbus books on any given library run, too.  Really, if it involves sitting in mommy’s lap (or under the crook of mommy’s arm) and reading, Louise is there.  She’s not very picky.  🙂

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3 thoughts on “More Summer Reading”

  1. That’s funny about the Christmas books. My kids found a completely hideous Golden Book, titled something like The Christmas Cat. It was awful and they wanted to read it every night–well past the Christmas season. I finally hid it at the bottom of a bin somewhere. Mommy’s dark little secret . . .

  2. I have one who goes into the bathroom to get dressed or take a shower and all of sudden I realize it has been awhile since I’ve heard from her. When she appears I always ask her if she enjoyed her book and she is will say, “How did you know?”

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